Bed Bugs

How can anyone sleep tight with the prospect of bed bugs creeping and crawling through your sheets? Bed bugs seek refuge in the crevices of mattress seams, sheets, furniture cushions, and even behind your baseboards and family photos. These brown bugs are flat and, when fully grown, about the size of an apple seed. That is until they feast on their host’s blood. Once they gorge themselves, they swell up to nearly twice their original size and turn a rusty red.

Who needs a scary movie when that thought alone can make your skin crawl?

While they may lack the ability to fly, bed bugs can move quickly over floors, walls, and even ceilings. These parasitic pests are typically active at night, feasting on you and your warm-blooded family members as you sleep.

We’re a family-owned business that’s been keeping Illinois homes pest free for more than 30 years, so we understand the importance of protecting your family. The skilled experts at Pest Control 247 are here to keep you and your family safe from the bed bug nuisance.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

After a night sleeping in a bed infested with bed bugs, you will most likely be left with small, itchy red bumps on your skin. If you believe that bed bugs are the culprit, quickly pull back the covers on your bed sometime during the day. Bed bugs, which function like those blood-sucking vampires you remember from Halloween movie marathons, prefer dark environments, so if there’s a bed bug infestation, you’ll be able to see them scatter as the light hits the freshly uncovered area.

Itching isn’t the only telltale sign of bed bugs. Even if you haven’t seen the actual bugs, you may have seen the discarded skin cases of the juvenile bugs as they mature into adults. You may also notice the reddish-brown spots left behind on your pillow. In fact, these spots are the insect’s excrement, tinted with their host’s blood. This occurrence is a sign that your home invaders have found a plentiful food source and are going to bed with full bellies during the day.

If that notion utterly repulses you and makes you spring into action, Pest Control 247 offers the professional bed bug removal services that you need to drive a stake into the heart of that issue, once and for all.

While these creatures are a serious nuisance, fortunately, they do not transmit diseases of any kind. At Pest Control 247, we want you to be able to sleep tight, without the fear of bed bug bites. Our expertly trained technicians are committed to permanently ridding your home of bed bugs.

Don’t Bring Home Any Unexpected Guests

Unfortunately, our bed bug treatments won’t completely shield you from these nasty bloodsuckers if you travel away from the safety of your home.

Bed bugs travel easily from location to location. They often travel from hotel rooms to homes across the country by hitching a ride on clothing and suitcases.

Don’t think you’re safe because the hotel you’re staying in is fancy and clean; bed bugs can still find their way in.

If you want to avoid employing our bed bug exterminators, you’ll want to take some simple precautions that could end up making a world of difference. When you arrive in the room, check the bed for signs of bed bugs, and keep your suitcase off of the floor using a luggage rack. Remember, they can’t fly like termites or hop incredible distances like fleas. Please make sure the luggage rack is set up away from the bed and make sure it’s not resting directly against the walls, dresser, or framed photos.

Once bed bugs get established, it’s tough to stop them since a female can deposit between one to five eggs per day, and with a cozy home and regular meals, she can live up to 300 days or more. By the time that many calendar months pass, you’ll likely be facing an infestation that only one our bed bug treatments can entirely solve.

Pest Control 247’s Foolproof Way to Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs

When they are allowed to spread, bed bugs become an extremely difficult problem to eradicate.

At every chance they get, they’ll invade your carpets, furniture, clothing, suitcases, stuffed animals, and any other fibrous surface they can latch on to. As such, our expert technicians will guide you through a plan of eliminating clutter and treating your possessions for the insect invaders. After all, our bed bug pest control and treatments won’t mean much at all if you can’t tie up the loose ends that we cannot effectively treat on our own.

Any and all cloth or fibrous items should be washed with the hottest water possible and thoroughly dried on the warmest setting. All clutter should be removed to give them no place to hide. Any personal items with evidence of infestation should be disposed of carefully to prevent the bed bugs from spreading to other rooms or other homes.

During our first inspection, we will thoroughly survey your home to determine the extent of the infestation. Then, our experts will get to work. We will use a specially formulated mixture of chemicals and apply it to creases in the bedframe, the underbelly of your furnishings, and any other place they may be hiding. We won’t stop until every last insect has stopped bugging you.

Following your first visit, your personal Pest Control 247 technician will focus their visits on clearing any other potential sources for bed bugs and keeping your perimeter secure. We understand that taking time off work is difficult and inconvenient, so we don’t require you to attend these prevention visits. Depending on the severity of your home’s bed bug infestation, you will have the option to schedule treatment plans monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly.

Bed bugs are a serious problem and infestations can take off quickly if not controlled. These are not the bugs to mess around with and the experts at Pest Control 247 take them very seriously. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact Pest Control 247 for a free same-day home inspection. Serving Illinois coast to coast, Pest Control 247 is your caring and trusted pest control expert, and you can count on us to get the job done.

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